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Tobias Tåg is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter/composer from Korsholm, located on the west coast in Finland.

Tobias grew up playing classical piano. With time he picked up different instruments and later on started singing as well. The catchy and melancholic melodies are one of his trademarks. So is also his flute-playing and the ability to play flute in a rock context. The flute is the perfect tool for creating exciting and enchanting atmospheres.

Tobias writes music with a wide dynamic range, all from soft melodic ballads to rhythmic and dramatic riff-based tunes. As a teenager, he discovered Celtic and Nordic folk music, and this is, to this day, one of his main influences.

With his band Thoby Loth he has written and recorded three full-length albums and one live DVD. Thoby Loth was founded in 2007 and is a flute-driven, instrumental progressive folk-rock band.

His solo EP, Green Shadow, came out in 2016 and shows a more melodic and atmospheric side of his songwriting and production. This is also his first production that features vocals.

In 2019 Tobias founded a new band called Temple of the Stars. Tobias wanted the songs to be catchy but also have a sense of mystique. The same year the full-length debut album Nightspirit was released. The music of Temple of the Stars is sonically nocturnal and melodic, with a lot of folk elements presented within an atmospheric rock context. 

Other than working with his own music, Tobias has written music for wind orchestra, theater plays, and different musical events.  

Visit Tobias YouTube channel to check out some of his live studio recordings as well.

 Green Shadow

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From the solo album GREEN SHADOW and Temple of the Stars album NIGHTSPIRIT



Thoby Loth


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